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I have been taking Prilosec for a few years now to battle my acid reflux.  I have recently had a lot of problems getting pregnant due to ovarian cysts.  I have cut out all caffeine, gone on a diet, begun exercising, but nothing is working to get rid of them.  I have cysts in my liver as well.  I'm just wondering if the Prilosec has anything to do with the cysts.

This discussion is related to Acid Reflux, large cyst on right kidney, small cysts on right testicle.
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I know that PPIs are implicated in polyp formation, but I have not read anything that suggests they're involved in cyst development yet.
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I have taken a prilosec equivalent here in Australia for quite a few years.  It and other meds such as Losec (Australian name for Prilosec) and Pariet are proton pump inhibitors (PPIs).  Interestingly I also have liver cysts - called simple cysts. There may be no connection of course.  But I have read somewhere that ovarian cysts can be connected to PPIs.  I also have gastro polyps as a result of long term use of PPIs.  To avoid the polyps you might want to consider getting off PPIs once you have the acid reflux under control - and then seriously change your diet to make sure you don't get reflux again (less animal fats, sugars, acid food etc.).
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