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DESPERATE! 24/7 Loud Intestinal Noises

For the past couple of months my stomach has been starting to make loud intestinal noises. It's only gotten worse recently, and it's now practically constant. Sometimes it feels like somethings bubbling, but it varies. I've recently been to the doctor because I constantly have the need to pee, my bladder never feels empty, and after a few blood tests, nothing came back abnormal so he referred me to the hospital to get an abdominal ultrasound. I mentioned my stomach to him, but he just passed it off and said everyone has stomach noises. I'm 19, and it's already starting to take over my life. I can't sit with friends and watch a film, I've been seeing someone who I'm now giving an endless list of excuses to because I'm too embarrassed to be in their company in case my stomach starts, and I've recently gotten an office job. I've developed a phobia of silence and any situation that requires it. At first I thought I might have a dairy intolerance, so I cut it out, but it only made a difference for a day. Can anyone help? I want to go back to the doctor about it, and explain that it's eliminated my social life and is stressing me out, but he's probably just going to tell me to wait until I get my ultrasound - which can take up to 3 months. I also haven't had any constipation or diarrhea, and any pain I have is usually just sharp shooting pains every now and then.
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