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DESPERATE need of help!!

I am having intestinal cramps so severely I cannot do anything except to squirm for a comfortable position and scream/cry in agonizing pain. (10/10)
I have diarrhea with this however once stool has passed it brings no relief or comfort, the cramping pain still persist and are CONSTANT (literally).
-woke up with body aches, fever, burning stomach... went to ER for I suspected covid. Test for the virus came back negative. I was sent home.
-two days later the severe diarrhea began. Severe abdominal cramps began and did not stop. I became dehydrated. Stool turned light brown to light green. Went to ER for this horrible pain and possible diagnosis: was given a cramp reliever and sent home.
-30 hours later went back to ER for blood in diarrhea, dark stool (dark green- looks exactly like green algae).. I was told they were unsure what’s happening, maybe it’s something bacterial in the GI tract, just take cypro... (I refuse any fuloroquinolone for how dangerous they are). I left a stool sample.
-following day now:
•I HAVE NOT SLEPT or EATEN in 6 days because of the nonstop severe cramping and cramping pain and the diarrhea (which is exactly the same - green algae like).
•continuing at this rate I will not live another week, I feel my body shutting down. What on God’s earth is this and what I am I supposed to do? PLEASE HELP ME.
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