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Decompensated liver diease

My husband has cirrhosis of the liver (end stage) and ascites. He has to be taped two to three times a month. A year ago he was given three months to liver. All due from alcohol and drug abuse. His health is deteriorating. He has not been placed on the transplant list. Last hospital stay paper work indicated decompensated liver. My question is how bad is it and life expectancy.

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Please cross post this in the Cirrhosis of the Liver community. The Community Leader there, Hector, will be able to help wrt options for your husband. He can still be helped, but must show 6 months of documented sobriety. And many times, simply stopping the alcohol will allow the liver to recover and last for many more years. But there must be real changes, or the end will be near.
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He has to STICK to a strict diet...plenty you can find! Most of all NO ALCOHOL!! Not even 1 beer!
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