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Deep Abdominal Mass on lower right quadrant among other issues

Hello, I have a slightly palpable lump in my lower right quadrant, approximately 2 and a half inches below the naval on the right side.  When I push a lil deeper I feel the lump and it feels as if it may be attached to my intestines unlike other fatty bumps as I get irritation and gas after moving the spot around too much. It feels more like I am moving a lypoma *which I have a history of in various parts of my body* but its as if it is deep within my intestines or on the surface of them.  I am wondering if I am just being paranoid and irritating my intestines or if there is truly something to be worried about.  I am going to be seeing my Dr. next month as he is on vacation at the moment, I am just wondering what I should tell him in regards to my issue.

I do not notice a hard feeling to the lump but it does seem like it could cause some issues being so close to everything as I do get some discomfort there sometimes.  

I have also been having a problem ever since getting stressed out a few days ago of being constipated, but this lump issue was around before that.  I have been taking metamucil each day and I have only been able to go every 2 days, my diet is high in fiber and I drink lots of liquids, I do not consume much dairy so that is not an issue.  I know these issues can all point to colon and cancer issues but I am just looking for some insight as I am 27 years of age.  Stool has no blood, at first was very solid and now smooth after regulating my fiber but I am still not regular even after taking meta every day.  There are still days I am not regular and I do not feel pain and I do not feel gas or bloating.

I have been having a problem regulating an ulcer over the last few months and I have changed my diet
significantly, I have been tested for H. Pylori and I have received no calls from the labs *as they said they would if anything was found* so I am wondering if my digestive and gastric health is the culprit.

Thank you for any advice or insight, I will still be seeing my Dr. Soon.
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If you have a partial blockage in your intestine this could cause the constipation.  Glad you are seeing a dr.  Probably need to see a GI, maybe you can get in there sooner.
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