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Depressed and Anxious Fatty Liver

Dear Member sof this Forum,

I am a 43 yrs old guy diagnosed with severed depression and anxiety and believe my depression could also be related to metabolism or fatty liver.  

My generalist told me I have high blood preassure.

Recent diagnoses and tests came as follows:

Diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver w/o definite focal liver lesion.  No focal lesions in the spleen, gallblader, addrenal glands, pancreas or kidneys.   No renal, ureteral or bladder calculi.  No hydornefrosis.  The right kidney is somewhat malrotated.
No abdominal or pelvic lymphadenopathy.  The bowel is not dilated.  The appendix is unremarkable.  Prostate gland is not enlarged.  No suspicious osseous lesions.

Fatty Liver

The following showed in the abnormal range:

AST 44
ALT 83
LDL 128
%Saturation 51
Ferritin 643
TSH 4.51
Aldolase 9.1
No immunity to Hepatitis B  Virus

In addition to the above, I have 3 or 4 lumps of fat in my legs and abdomen.  I’m shedding my  leg’s hair. And  I am 5’ 9” and 195lbs Hispanic/Caucasian.

What do I have?  Is my depression related to the findings above?

Sometimes feel disabled (see below).  Am I?

Additional details:

Fear of Public Speaking,  “socially challenged”, decreased interests in family, personal, and work related activities, often has difficulties sleeping.  Sometimes talk while asleep.  No sleep-walker.  

Family issues and son’s mild autism are big stressors are also big stressors.  

Currently taking the following prescriptions and over the counter medications :

Welbutrin 300MG daily
Zoloft150MG daily
Ecotrin 81MG daily
Zetia 10MG daily
Omega 3 2000 MG daily
Vitamin C 2000 MG daily
Multivitamin supplements daily
Propranolol 20-40MG when needed
Zanax 1MG when needed

Please help answering my questions above.  Thanks in advance.
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Forgot to say that, I have hemorrhoids and sometimes bleed through the anus when having bowl movement.  Had colonoscopy a while ago and found internal hemorrhoid.

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