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Diagnosed with Tortuous/Redundant Colon

Looking for feedback and experience from other women or men experiencing life with a tortuous redundant colon. was told that I have this when a routine colonoscopy was performed. Since having the colonoscopy it is very rare for me to pass gas like I used to and feel bloated and full in my stomach very often but still get Hunger Pains which makes it hard to eat. I was told to get the colonoscopy in the first place because I was experiencing hard stool but still went to the bathroom everyday. thank you for taking the time to read this post just looking for feedback from other people with similar condition.
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So sorry to hear about your diagnosis.  I don't have any experience with this, but just wanted to say that I know this is likely not an easy thing to hear.  Has your doctor recommended to address it with surgery or are you working to manage it with diet?  
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Thank you for commenting, my gi dr said to manage it with diet. So I take benefiber twice a day and miralax every other night when stool is firm. They said it's very important to keep things moving. Even suggested doing a clean out every 3 to 4 months. This consists of mineral oil for 3 days then drink Gatorade and miralax mixture.  No surgery was ever suggested to me.
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What is interesting about this is that you had no symptoms prior to finding out you had it.  :>)  Typically this is not dangerous for people who have it and there is no direct evidence that it causes constipation.  But you are having it.  How long ago was your colonoscopy? Since you had no symptoms prior, this could be the after affects to the colposcopy.  I have a son with chronic constipation such as one suffers with redundant colon when they do have symptoms.  Suggestion for him from the emergency room was to drink one cup of grape juice a day.  This keeps his bowels moving.  Since you have a bit longer extension and curve (likely) to your large intestines, this may help you keep it all moving.  Try it and see if it helps.  good luck
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I was having constipation issues before my colonoscopy. That is why my primary dr referred me to the gi dr. Gas does not pass as frequently thru me as it used to prior to the colonoscopy though and it's very annoying. This causes gas to build up and the pain is rough. Past couple days I have been doing breathing excerises along with situps just to get things moving and that seems to help relieve the pressure. Thanks For The Advice About grape juice I will give it a try, it can't hurt!!
I know!  It's such simple advice and when the ER doc gave it to us, I was like WHAAA!  But my son who had just undergone a hospital grade enema for bowel impaction of his own feces, we were like DONE.  We'll try it!  And you know what?  It works like a charm.  good luck
I found that simple walking does a good job too - there are so many variables as well, I hope you get some relief.  It is a terrible pain - but when I had my last colonscopy, just the opposite happened to me - it felt like my rectum was leaking for about 3 weeks, felt like I was passing gas almost constantly :(  fortunately for me, it finally cleared up on it's own
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