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Diagnosis Chronic Pancreatitis but nothing showing I have it

I am so frustrated!!!! Here is the story... about two weeks ago I could feel the pain in my stomach that felt like my pancreas flared up.  I have had acute pancreatitis 2 times before so I know the feeling. I had pain in my upper abdomen,oily stool,dizzy,nausau and no appetitie.  
So i went to the ER did the tests everything was normal so they said they think is is a ulcer and scheduled me with a specialist.  The pain was so bad I went back in to the ER where they ran a cat scan and ultra sound and blood test.  It came back normal except it showed I was constipated.  Ok I was but I knew that wasnt it but I went home cleared my system still in pain.  Saw the specialist he scheduled a upper endoscopy did that and it was good.  Another trip to ER still can not find anything but had me scheduled for a HIDA scan.  Ok went and did that and that showed up with everything was ok.  
Well I am in pain here so I go back to the ER get the results on all the test and everything looks fne you just have chronic pancreatitis....
Now how in the world are we going to treat this is what I want to know.  I was told because of probles with alcohol there is nothing that can be done.  Because of my addiction they dont want to give me pain medicine but so far they have.  
I want to know is there anything that can be done and how can they say I have chronic pancreatitis if everything looks ok...
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