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Diagnosis of digestive disorder?

Hi everyone! I am 27 years old male from Mumbai (India). I have been suffering from digestion related issues since last 3 years.

I have consulted with Allopathic, Ayurvedic & Homeopathic doctors before & all of them claimed my issue to be IBS. But recently I consulted with a Gastroenterologist when I got to see blood on stools. He prescribed me few tests & I have got them done. Below are the details of those tests:

CBC, LFT, Creatinine, Vitamin B12 & D3, TSH, Fasting glucose & stool r/m

There is a deficiency in Vitamin B12 & insufficiency in D3.

The stool r/m shows presence of mucus, occult blood & RBC (1-2). Though it shows absence of blood (non-occult) & fat, I have observed blood to be there & feces floating in the bowl several times.

I also got Colonoscopy done yesterday. Below are the verbatim findings & impression of the report:

Findings - "There were presence of multiple patchy areas of ulceration seen in the colonic mucosa from rectum to hepatic flexure. The ulcers size ranged from 3 to 7 mm with surrounding erythema. The ascending colon, caecum, IC valve and 10 cm of the terminal ileum were normal.

Impression - Infective colitis.

The doctor also did biopsy & sent the sample to histopathology department for further analysis. Will get the reports in 4-5 working days. Once I get it, will update.

Would like to know your opinion on the impression of the report as I don't think that it is infectious colitis because the symptoms just don't match to the symptoms I have.

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Hi guys! I consulted with the gastroenterologist yesterday. After reading the report he said that infection is most likely the reason for ulcerations seen in the colonic mucosa. He said that he can't tell how long will it take to get cured. He also thought depression or my too much of thinking might be the reason behind my stomach not getting emptied properly or the reason might be a component of IBS & prescribed me an anti-depressant. He told me to not even think about the issue I am suffering from. He advised me to continue with normal diet and also advised to do some Yoga & exercise. He told me not to have protein powder as well as mass gainer as of now.

I am thinking of taking second opinion. I request you to guide me whether I should continue with his advise or go for second opinion.
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Hi guys! Received the biopsy report a few hours back. Have an appointment with Gastroenterologist after two days. Was eager to get to know what is mentioned in the report. I could not understand the meaning of "GROSS" & "MICROSCOPY" section of the report. If anybody understands it, please comment. Here is the report:

Moderate colitis; likely infective origin.

Increased stool frequency with fecal red blood cells.
Colonoscopy - Multiple patchy ulcers from rectum to hepatic flexure.
Impression : Infective colitis.

Received multiple grey-white mucosal tissue bits aggregating to 1.0 x 0.7 x 0.2 cm; Colonic ulcer biopsy.
Sections : A to D.

Sections show ulcerated colonic mucosa with presence of neutrophils in the lining epithelium. Lamina propria shows moderate mixed inflammatory infiltrate consisting of neutrophils, lymphocytes, plasma cells, and a few eosinophils. There is no cryptitis, crypt abscess or crypt distortion seen. There is no evidence of granulomas or dysplasia seen. No parasites evident.
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