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Dialated bile duct

I recently had a colonoscopywhere 10 polyps were removed and benign. It also showed I have diverticulosis.  I had pain following procedure and Gastrologist ordered CT scan which showed a dialated bile duct.  Then physician ordered a MRI scan which confirmed dialated bile duct. Labs were ordered and were normal.  The NH hospital I had these procedures has refered me to Hospital in Boston and states they will forward results of my tests and make appointment and will call me when they have the appointment.  It has been over 5 days since I spoke with NH hospital and my question is should I be concerned about not seeing the specialist immediately? Does this sound like I should be worried, concerned and or have possible cancer?  I have adominal pain and want answers.
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Is there a Dr online that can answer questions pertaining to bile duct dialation?
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I have a chronic bile duct disease which causes dilation, but I'm no doctor. Certainly you need followup to determine what is causing yours. But given that your recent liver blood tests are normal, immediate urgency isn't required. If you were suffering with a serious bile flow blockage, the damage would be reflected in the liver enzymes (back flow will destroy your hepatocytes affected within the pooling) and also elevated bilirubin levels (total and/or directed) would be present.

Hope this answers your question.
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