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Diaphragm Tightness, Soreness, and Spasms

So far the doctors I've seen haven't been able to diagnose what's wrong with me.  I get weird tremors/spasms in my diaphragm area every now and again.  Recently they've gotten worse and when I was performing a show (I'm a singer/songwriter) I suddenly felt a burning sensation in my upper abdomen and my whole torso began spazzing.  Since, I'm not able to sing without feeling pain in my upper abdomen and having my body go into twitches.  It's practically disabled my ability to sing.  They did an x-ray at the doctors, but didn't draw anything conclusive.  They also tested for other issues, such as ulcers, but nothing came back positive.  They told me to rest it for a couple weeks, so I did and it felt better, but once I started singing again, even at low volume, after 15 minutes it happened all over again.  it feels like my diaphragm itself is somehow damaged. Has anyone had similar experiences or know what could be wrong?
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It can be mineral and electrolyte imbalances.  

I'd change my diet around.  What is your favorite food that you eat every day and feel like you can't live without?  Try stopping that.

Try taking up yoga or Pilates or something like that.  

Changing your routine can sometimes point you to the answer.  
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I don't have spasms, but I do have tightness and it feels like a breathing restriction.   Like I have a band around my diaphragm sometimes.  

My doctor thinks its anxiety and that I have somatization of my emotions into my body (rather than deal with or face challenges in my life).  

I have found the chiropractor and medical massage to be helpful.  Accupuncture as well.  

Sometimes there is tension elsewhere, like in the neck and shoulders which can refer to your diaphragm.  
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