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Diarrhea after drinking

I am 25 y/o male. I am having a problem with diarrhea, and I think it's related in some way to alcohol.

On both occassions I had been out the previous night drinking fairly heavily. What I drink doesn't seem to matter but the end result is the same.

The next day after the drinking I wake up with what feels like a regular hangover. However, on both occassions I went out and had a big meal a few hours after rising. I feel fine while eating, perhaps a bit bloated. However, shortly after eating I feel like I am going to pass gas but instead, it's diarrhea.

On both occassions, after going to the bathroom, I felt fine. But the diarrhea comes over very quick, and would be a real problem if I wasn't close to a bathroom.

I have drank for a number of years and never experienced this before last week. The food that I ate varied both times.

Other then the diarrhea, I feel fine, but it is very inconvenient. Should I be worried about this? I realize this is a bit of a stretch, since I never had unprotected sex or condom malfunctions, but I have heard this can be a sign of HIV. Is that accurate?

Thanks so much for your help.
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Chronic diarrhea can be caused by chronic ethanol ingestion [1]. Consumption of alcohol affects the body's capability to absorb water - this is often a symptom that accompanies a hangover after a heavy drinking session. The alcohol itself is absorbed in the intestines and as the intestinal cells absorb it, the toxicity causes these cells to lose their ability to absorb water. This leads to an outpouring of fluid from the intestinal lining, which is in turn poorly absorbed. The diarrhea usually lasts for several hours until the alcohol is detoxified and removed from the digestive system. Symptoms range from person to person and are influenced by both the amount consumed as well as physiological differences. Alcohol-induced diarrhea is often accompanied by "the follow through" where a feeling that the patient is going to break wind (flatulence) instead becomes an uncontrolled episode of diarrhea.

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Thanks. I had read that... but, this never happened before and I have been drinking for over five years. Why would this start now?
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If you put the body through to much stress for so long eventually it is going to start to do its job with a little less enthusiasm, so to speak.  My advice is to stop binge drinking or you are going to have to learn to deal with your body breaking down long before its time...you have to understand that alcohol is a poisen.  You are poisening your body, so after awhile, yeah their are going to be some adverse reactions.  I hope this didnt sound condescending at all, if it has that is not my intention.  Infact im only 20 years old so take my advice as you will but I am also a firefighter/paramedic and have a sister who drinks like you do.  Do yourself and your body a favor and drink in moderation if you are going to drink at all.
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Not at all, I appreciate the advice. Should I go to the dr. about this? Also, any thoughts on the HIV idea, or is that completely insane?
If you had hiv you'd have other symptoms, like chronic colds, headaches etc as your immune system broke down. Just eat more fiber, salad etc and ease up on the sauce.
If you had hiv you'd have other symptoms, like chronic colds, headaches etc as your immune system broke down. Just eat more fiber, salad etc and ease up on the sauce.
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If it continues while you arent drinking I would definetly see a doctor about it but otherwise you dont have to, unless its making you nervous that is.  Then you might as well just go so he/she can ease your mind.  As for the HIV idea, it is possible but very very unlikely.  I highly doubt it is because you are only getting it after drinking heavily, and even if you were getting it all the time its still very unlikely.  But as always, if you are having unprotected sex with multiple partners, you are at a risk of contracting HIV and other STDs as well as various STIs so you should definetly get tested for that.  And from now on if you arent in a single monogomous sexual relationship, please use protection.  I know sex is good haha but its not worth dying over.
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i have been expereincing the exact same kinda symptoms as brainchaney but d only difference is dat i have d symptoms even wen i drink lightly... i only drink once or twice a week and have been doing so since the last 7 years, but never experienced this problem before. i recently shifted cities n may be dat  cud be a reason, but my brand of alcohol has practically been d same..
i tried not drinking for a couple of weeks n my tummy was all good den but den, even a 60ml vodka peg caused the symptoms to recur d next day..
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