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Diarrhea and lower abdomen pain - what is it?

Hi, yesterday in the morning I pooped twice, then had really bad lower abdomen pain (all over the lower tummy). I went to see the doctor at 2 and he said I have a stomach infection, due to higher white blood cell count, he gave me buscopan and within 20 mins of taking it the pain disappeared and my stomach was ok. I thought it was over because i felt 100%, then tonight I had very watery diarrhea twice and same terrible pain in the lower abdomen again.

I don’t think its food poisoning since Ive been eating rice porridge and water since yesterday, and I don’t think its normal stomach spasms since I’ve been taking buscopan every 8 hours, just took one, and it doesn’t help at all. I have IBS and hypopituitarism, but I have never experienced this before, nothing like it. Can someone please help ASAP, need pain relief like right now.
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