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Diarrhea for about 3 months now

Hey. I am a 31 year old male and have had diarrhea off and on for about 3 months now.  I usually will have a normal stool in the morning, followed by one or two liquid or loose stools in the afternoon.  They tend to be a light brown color, (can't tell if it is yellow or not) and this morning was almost all a liquid yellow color.  I realize that I will need to see my physician, but was wondering if you might have any idea as to what this could be.  I can tell you that I am on medication for anxiety, (I am particularly paranoid about cancer for some reason) so I am sure that isn't helping.  Any advice you can give would be most helpful.
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your symtoms looks like IBS. stress  and anxiety triggers the symtoms even more . it will be best to consult a physician and take the necessary test before taking medication. i also suffer from IBS ,my doctor advises me to cut down milk, spices, fats,caffiene from my diet and to take probiotics , loperamide and multivitamins as my medication. you can as well include yoga, walking and meditation to reduce anxiety and improve your health. good luck and get well soon.
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ok.. alot of people ask about yellow stools. yellow stools if after a large bout of diahrea, just means you are emptying out your bowels and you do not have much left in there to poop out.
if you have yellow firm stools that are normal (not diahrea)... then id be a touch concern.
i get these weird cycles where for months ill get sick in the winter have diahrea for months on end.. lose large amount of weight (which i cant afford.. im extremely small as it is).. then it just clears up and i begin the process of gaining back the 30 some pds i lost.
so i know how you feel.
so just to help make sure it gets reduced.. NO fast foods. NONE! do NOT drink soda pop. it will agititate your stomach more. Drink raspberry teas.. (the good kind... not the store bought.. brew your own. ) it will help sooth your stomach and stop the diahrea for awhile so you can rest.
try to eat as healthy as you can. watch the spicey foods such as pizza, ilitlian food (forgive my spelling!).. i would recommend eating small portions of asian cousines (sorry im going through this right now.. so im struggling to think)... the asian foods help out a lot..
i wish you the best! i have yet to really dertermine what is going on with me. other than i hear IBS. but you only lost up to 10 pds with IBS.. not 30... so it makes me wonder. hugs n best wishes~
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