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Diarrhoea followed by "intestinal paralysis"?

Dear All,

2 night ago I woke up at 6am vomiting and with completely watery diarrhoea. After a few hours of vomiting and going to the loo there was nothing else to puke or expel but I felt very tired, with heath flushes, and eventually got  a fever as well (38, my normal temperature is 36sh). I took some pepto-bismol, which seemed to help with the nausea. Throughout the day I felt really full (even though there was nothing inside me) and struggled to eat much more than a small portion of soup. Eventually my stomach started to swell as well with wind and some cramps (nothing overly painful). I could hear my tummy rumbling with wind a lot but nothing was coming out. Due to the discomfort I took an ibuprofen which seemed to work like a charm, My tummy started to look less swollen and I was able to release some wind. I finally went to bed, slept 12h and woke up tired but I seemed a lot better in the morning, was able to eat more but after a few hours moving around a bit, the fever started coming back. I took another ibuprofen and felt good again. I was also able to use the loo even though not much came out, some bits of faeces did, which were dark brown with some white filaments. At dinner I thought I could finally eat a normal size meal, so I did, 30 mins after I started to feel really full again, heat flushes and 1h later my tummy was swollen, full of wind, which wouldn't come out. Had a terrible night sleep and around 6/7am the wind finally started to make its way out slowly and over the course of hours. I woke up today still feeling incredibly tired and without any apetite, tried to have breakfast but could barely fit anything in my stomach.

Any ideas of what this could be and should I go to the hospital since it doesn't look I am making much progress at getting better, or is it too early?  
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The fever is more indicative of a viral or bacterial infection than anything else.  I don't think it's been long enough for you to have an emergency concern, but obviously, if you're unable to go for another day or so, it's time to see a doctor.  

Do your best to drink a lot of water, which is most important whether you have an infection or whether you are just constipated.
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