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Diet changes after colon resection

My husband had 12" of colon removed 2 years ago. Then 9 months later he had a fistula from bladder to colon repaired. He has had problems with gas and indigestion ever since. During the day he spends quite a bit of time in the bathroom battling gas pains or diarrhea. Way too many nights the pain is so bad it wakes him up. He can't remember when the last time he felt he had a good night's sleep undisturbed by intestine discomfort. If is to a point that he feels bad more days than not and it's noticeable - he doesn't look healthy. Which I'm sure is a combination of being tired and constant upset colon discomfort. Anti-gas pills don't seem to help much.

The doctors told him after surgery to gradually get back to his regular diet which is what he did. I think though that we need to look at diet changes but not sure what we need to look at. Gluten free, anti-inflammation, avoid a particular food, take a particular supplement or what. Any thought or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thx
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The removal of 12 inches of colon should not be enough to result in chronic diarrhea if bowel function was normal preoperatively. The fact that he had a fistula following his original surgery says that either there was a leak and subsequent abscess following the initial operation or a recurrent bout of diverticulitis (i am assuming that he had a sigmoid resection for diverticular disease). This may represent longstanding bacterial overgrowth due to the antibiotics given after the fistula or a mechanical problem such as a stricture. Has he been evaluated for this? This would not be expected and should have a solution.
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