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Digestive Issues


Since about 3 weeks ago I've had loose BMs.  (for reference I'll be using the Bristol Stool Chart:  https://www.gutsense.org/constipation/img/BSF-with-highlight.gif)

Most days my stools are a 6 on the chart, with diarrhea occurring about once per week.  I saw a physician and they have me taking Metamucil to add more fiber to my diet.  I'm also taking probiotics and have changed my diet to cut out fatty, oily foods and increase my fiber intake.  

Since about last week some of my BMs are becoming more solid (3 or 4 on the chart) but are almost always followed up by another loose BM soon after (type 7).  

Aside from this I've had, on occasion, sharp pains in my abdomen.  They don't seem to be isolated to any one area and have occurred in different places all over my abdomen (though only one area at a time).  

My symptoms do not seem to be aggravated by the types of food that I eat.  Still, I'm eating healthy and drinking only water.  But I don't seem to be getting better.  

In addition (this just started today) I seem to be having pain in my lower right back.  This is a new symptom and it doesn't seem to be muscle soreness.  I don't know if it's in any way related.  

My question is:  what do I have?  And what can I do to get better?  

I'm making an appointment with a gastroenterologist, but would greatly appreciate any insight.  
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Correction:  The "type 7"  should be a type 6.
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You need to be tested for all the usual suspects (celiac, crohns, colitis) and ask the GI if he can do a hydrogen breath test to see if you have a bacterial overgrowth.
I'm the same way with my BM. mine are usually yellowish in color to. I'll be getting an ultrasound and mri done soon to check stuff out. You should do the same. Fatty Liver Disease could be a possibility.
Have you tried digestive enzymes? Go to Amazon and order Digest Gold. They are kinda pricey, but really good.
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I've not tried digestive enzymes, but I may.  I'm currently just taking Metamucil and some probiotics.

My general practitioner did some blood tests for celiac and a few other things.  They said everything looked fine.  

My BMs are also yellowish in color.  

I'm wondering if maybe I have IBS-D?  My mother has it and my cousin and aunt also have IBS.  

Just 3 weeks ago I was in perfect health.  All of this just came on, suddenly.
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Did you take any antibiotics recently? Eat anything that gave you diarrhea?
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No antibiotics.  Since all of this started I've had Chinese and pizza twice (about a week apart between each occasion).  Sunday I have pizza for lunch, and then Monday I had pizza for lunch.  About 2 hours after having the pizza on Monday, I got diarrhea.

Yesterday the diarrhea persisted to some degree and then turned to constipation by the end of the day.  Today, I'm constipated.  

The earliest I was able to get a gastroenterologist appointment is nearly 3 weeks from now.  I'm still having abdominal pain.  I'm considering going to the ER to see if there is anything they can do to help me.
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its possible that maybe the pizza went bad. You may have gotten some sort of food poisoning. When this occurs, it throws the whole digestive system out of whack and can take some time for it to regulate again. Try staying away from dairy and greasy processed foods. Eat healthy for awhile, lots of veggies and high fiber foods. And take a probiotic. Drinks lots of water
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It's possible.

When this all started it was on a Saturday.  I had cereal for breakfast, chips and salsa (which I suspected may have gone bad), a hot dog and fries, and chicken for dinner.  Around 5 pm (prior to dinner) I started feeling unwell.  During dinner, I got about half way through my meal before having to run to the bathroom with diarrhea.

Since that day (it's been almost a month, now) my primary symptoms have been difficulty having formed BMs, excessive gas, and abdominal pain (never severe), with watery diarrhea about once per week.  

I had suspected food poisoning from something that I ate on that Saturday.  But my symptoms have continued for some time and has me growing concerned.  

I've had blood tests, all of which didn't show anything.  So it seems unlikely that the problem would be bacterial or parasitic.

I've considered that maybe I have an allergy or intolerance, but I don't seem to have any severe and/or immediate reactions to any food in particular.  The only food type that I've consistently eaten since this started is grains (oatmeal, whole grains, rice, flax, etc.).  I've cut out fatty, oily, and fried food almost entirely.

I guess that it's possible that something could just be out of whack and my body is still recovering.  I'm just confounded by the idea that this came on so suddenly and has lasted for nearly a month. I've never experienced anything like this before and it just has me concerned.  
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could always go for a colonoscopy and endoscopy.
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Well, I have an appointment with a gastroenterologist.  So that may be something that just ends up happening anyway.  

I've been taking Metamucil every day, 4 capsules.  That's what my general practitioner told me to do.  The minimum dosage is 2 per day and the max is 20 per day (that's a lot).  I wonder if I should increase or decrease my dosage?  Or cease taking it all together?
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Just an update:  

I'm still having excessive gas, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.  Still haven't seen a gastroenterologist.  I have an appointment, but the earliest I could get it is two weeks from now.  

I've seen my PCP and I visited the ER this week.  They did more blood work and gave me a CT scan.  All of which came back fine.  

Today I'm having dull to sharp pain my mid-right abdomen.  Moving too quickly or pressing too hard on it seems to aggravate the pain.

If it were gallstones or appendicitis, would the CT scan have detected that?

The ER said they could do nothing for me and told me to wait to see a specialist.  

I just want to be sure that it's not something serious that I'm missing.  

Also, what can I do to relieve abdominal pain?

Barring any emergency, I will be seeing my PCP, an allergist and a gastroenterologist in the next two weeks.  

I'm considering requesting anti-depressants from my PCP, as I've read that they are sometimes prescribed to IBS patients in order to assist with abdominal pain.  

I've also ceased taking Metamucil just to see if there is any difference in my BMs.  
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probiotics and digestive enzymes would be my suggestion. Antidepressants are not something you want to mess around with. They take weeks to take effect and many of them have crazy side effects.
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