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Digestive Problems

For as long as I can remember...I've had some digestive problems. When I was young I was medicated for having a lot of acid in the stomach and eventually diagnosed with IBS. In the past 2 years, well more in the past year my problems have gotten worse. Every time I eat I feel as if my food is stuck under my ribs or at the top of my stomach as if I'm not digesting my food and to top it off I can only eat a couple bites of food and I feel as if I ate 3 plates at a buffet. Usually after that my stomach swells up so bad that I look 5 months pregnant. I also get acid reflux pretty bad that I have to take Ranitadine daily...god forbid I miss a dose. I don't eat fatty foods, fried or greasy foods, I am a very healthy eater all around. It's the most horrible feeling in the world to not know each day if you are going to feel well or if your going to be miserable today : (

I am scheduled for a Endoscopy and a colonoscopy next week. I am hoping for some answers ( keeping my fingers crossed).
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Hey ddeane,
Welcome to the forum!

Have you been diagnosed with peptic ulcer disease, eosophagitis or other
specific  stomach/digestive problem?
IBS cannot be really treated with drugs, however drugs are prescribed to deal with the symptoms, in order to help the sufferers manage their lives better.
Do you know what the trigger foods are?
If you need some recommendations and holistic advice,
please post if you want: a list of foods and drinks and you normally ingest, frequency,
portion size, cooking method, oils used, fresh or not, organic or not, supplements, etc.
Also include any allergies, mainly food allergies -confirmed, not suspected,  that you may have and type of test for that- and anything else you deem pertinent.
Have you done any stomach acid testing recently?
Do you have any blood work results, any mineral deficiencies?
How about Magnesium levels?(blood tests are inaccurate,as only 1% of Mg is in the blood)
Has Hiatal Hernia been ruled out?
Have you done a Candida Albicans test?
Have you had a  mannitol and lactulose test
for "leaky gut syndrome"?
Has your dr. mentioned the implications of the leaky gut syndrome?

Were there any events (physical, emotional), that could be, somehow, attributed to the worsening of your condition, 2 years ago? Even if you cannot see a connection, please
include them in your answer. Also include any significant events as far back as you can
Also, what is presently your emotional state and your stress level ?
It seems that I am bombarding you with questions, however, there are over 80 different
and yet similar symptomatological profiles and as many types or subtypes of digestive/g.i

You can post at the alternative therapies or you can message me directly.
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Thank you so much for all the informative info you have given me here. To answer some of your questions.
I have not had a stomach acid testing done yet...although it sounds like I need one.
No blood work...actually I've had no testing of any sorts yet.
I thought about an ulcer or gallbladder..but do not have lots of pain under the ribs just pressure and sever bloating.
When I went to see the doctor..he decided to just send me over for the colonoscopy and endoscopy next week.
I do have stomach acid issues...I wake up in the morning with my throat feeling kind of dry and irritated sometimes, along with my ears feeling somewhat tender. I've also had alot of dental work done throughout the past 2 years..which I think could have been caused by the acid. I've thought about the fact that it could be an ulcer
I eat very healthy...pretty much the same foods on a daily basis so that I dont have to worry about having a stomach attack.
Wheat bread and coffee in the morning with egg whites.
Spring salad with fruits and veggies and low fat dressings and some kind of lean grilled meats with veggies for dinner. I snack on rice cakes yogurts.
My hair has been very dry and brittle for the past 2 or 3 years..not growing.

I know I sound like I'm going on and on...Sorry! Just want to feel normal again.

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