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Digestive problems causing my bad breath?

I am a 26 year old female who exercises daily, is mindful of my diet and doesn't have any major medical problems. I suffer from acid reflux and take medication daily for that. I suffer from chronic bad breath and am trying to diagnose the problem. My family has said it smells like mothballs. This is not easy to say but when I go to the bathroom they told me my feces leave a very strong almost chemical smell that isn't normal which makes me think I may have a digestive problem. I did some research and found that Halitosis can be caused by metabolic conditions in the gastrointestinal tract. Is there a test I can take to see if this is the source of my problem?

This is a very big and obvious problem that is really affecting my social life. What are some theories you have on the bad breath and how do you think I should go about trying diagnose and treat it?

I would REALLY appreciate any advice you can give. Thank you for your time!
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Since you already have trouble with acid reflux, have you ever been tested for helicobacter pylori? It produces ammonia, which can easily be smelled.
Have you any other gut related problems? are you taking omeprazole/ lozac for your reflux?


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