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Digestive problems

My son is 23,  in the army, and last yr during his deployment in Iraq, he begain having digestive issues which included:
Abdominal pain, loose and bloody stools.

He has been home from Iraq for about 6 months, and he is now having 'mucousy' stools with some undigested food in them, and he has lost about 10lbs since returning home. He hasn't had a lot of pain, and I dont think any blood in stools.  Since returning home to US he has also returned to doing regular PT so I am not sure if the weight loss could be associated with that.  He has a drs appt for 3 weeks from now.  Any ideas???
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Intestinal parasites ?

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Id guess a parasite too.  Ive been up and down with similar issues for over 3 years now all my tests are normal tho.  There hard to detect somtimes.
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