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Digestive problems

Ok i cant eat or else above my belly button bloats up and doesnt go away till i throw it up i also havent had a proper bowel movement in over a month. I threw up green puke with coffee grounds in it which means dried up blood i have abdominal pain and its pretty bad my stomach no longer can puke up anything because it feels cold and paralyzed i have headaches and dizziness on and off through out the day im basically eating jusy baby food and meal replacements now. Ive gotten blood tests for hp pylori thyroid blood counts had a barium swallow and x rays all came back normal. I saw a gi today so to get the camera will be in feb my gi thinks i have  Cycical vomitng but all these symptoms i really dont think its that... Please someone help me
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A complete medical evaluation may be necessary for correct diagnosis and treatment. In cyclical vomiting the episodes start with severe vomiting which occur several times per hour and last less than 1 week with absence of nausea or vomiting between episodes. There may be abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, dizziness, and sensitivity to light during vomiting episodes. Other possibilities are gastritis, GERD etc.If the symptoms are severe and persistent you may schedule your endoscopy at an earlier date. Contact your doctor. Keep me posted on how you are doing.
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