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Digestive problems

Hi, I'm a 49 year old female and have suffered ibs and acid reflux which I have meds for. So I have on and off diarreah and nausea at times. But nothing too severe. Last night for example, I had eaten a lamb roast about 5.30..I was awake until 12am, then I went to sleep, I then woke up suddenly at 3.30am sweating and with the feeling of wanting to vomit, I didn't really have bad nausea with it though. I went to the bathroom and did pass some stools. I continued to stay in the bathroom for about half an hour due to the feeling of vomiting and sweating, but I didn't. I then went to bed but propped myself up, I stayed awake for a while, but then my stomach seemed to make loads of noises like my stomach was actually emptying, I started to feel better by this time and this noise went on for about 10-15 minutes. Then stopped. I then went to sleep. there was
As a long gap between my food and sleeping so thought it would be OK, but it actually feels like there was a delay and the food stayed in my stomach and caused the vomiting feeling until it emptied. Does this sound like what has happened! And why would it happen? Could it be caused by the meal, due to the lamb being very greasy? I did also burp a few times and could still taste the dinner I had eaten. There was no pain at all. But this morning my upper stomach does feel a bit achy and tender.
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