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Distressing GI Issues for 9 weeks

Hello all!

This is a bit of rehash of symptoms I reported in the "Undiagnosed Symptoms Community" - there are some new developments and info, however.

For the last 2 months, I've had this vague tenderness/discomfort and bloating in left mid-lower abdomen. Unrelieved by bowl movements or OTC gas/antacid medication. At present, the sensation has a evolved to a palpable cramp, and I constantly sense this gassy, gurgling, churning sensation in lower gut. The sensation is more pronounced lying or sitting, and sleeping on my left side is very uncomfortable.

Stools have been an orange/brown, tawny color, rancid smelling, and ranged from extremely loose and "floaty" (not quite diarrhea, but damn close) to soft and formless. In the last week, I've experienced severe constipation, and I feel like I'm only emptying a fraction of my bowels each day, and the results are loose and mucous-y  (note: this did coincide with my taking an SSRI for the first time). No blood. The bloat or "fullness" makes me a bit nauseous from time to time, real or perceived.  

Alongside these symptoms, I've been experiencing a general flu-like malaise/fatigue (sans fever, headaches, chills) and all-over body aches for about 5 weeks. Is it reasonable to think that these symptoms are somehow related to the GI issues? Will this information be of use to GI specialist in diagnosing me?

My PCP did a full blood panel: everything looks great, except Vitamin D levels were low. I've been advised to take 1000 units of Vitamin D daily to help with malaise and fatigue. I'm seeing a gastroenterologist soon, and also have a abdominal ultrasound scheduled next week. I just have this nagging feeling that Vitamin D is not culprit.

Sound like anything familiar? IBS, mild colitis? Maybe some autoimmune, as by body recoils from all the stress (which has been ample in the time frame noted.)

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
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Some of what you're describing - the orange color, rancid odor - sounds a bit like fat malabsorption. Have you had any stool testing done for that issue? It can result from problems due to the pancreas or in cases of celiac disease. You may want to discuss it further with your doc. If you consider doing a blood test to check for celiac, make sure to do IgA/IgG gliadin, total IgA, and transglutaminase. Body aches and fatigue can accompany celiac issues or other food intolerance issues.
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Update: I've lost 6-7 Ibs in the last 8 days. Granted, my appetite is not all there (I've been consuming daily 700-900 calories less than usual). The thought of putting food in my stomach in light of all these GI problems makes me queasy....
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