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Diverticulitis colitis

Hi guys i have been diagnozed with both Diverticula Colitis , CPPS and LPR reflux.
I'm really depressed at the moment and anxious not understanding why this is happening, im 43 and the docs say perhaps the chronic pelvic pain(prostatis)
set off my gut problems, as they are very close by and inflammation can spread.
I was Wondering has anyone else experienced something similar.
With the the Prostatis I was given very heavy antibiotics Ciproflaxcin, I was wondering did this cause my diverticulitis.
I suffer with the most indifferent Bowel movements, in one day I can have three different types of stool, from being loose to normal.
My stomach constantly churns and very Gassy.
Lately I also suffer from joint and neck pain can the diverticulitis cause this?
Very worried about it all and my anxiety is not helping, I get maybe 2-3 hours a night sleep.
Any help would be so much appreciated.
should i stick to a liquid diet until symtoms get better, i havent really changed my diet and my weight is the same, so maybe its time i did somthing different.
Are there any No No foods or drinks like caffine or alcohol.
Thanks for any help
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