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Diverticulitis on pet scan in August, atelactasis, weak neurological?

A PET scan ordered by my oncologist showed diverticulitis and atelactasis and thyroid nodules.
I was taking amitriptylline, lyrica, opiates from my pain specialist of 13 yrs. because I had non diabetic peripheral neuropathy..my oncologist ordered me to go off all anticholinergics.
I had been taking dicyclomine when I had abdominal cramping episodes only ....as for years I knew I had possible irritable bowel....I was taking lactulose suggested by a gastro. Dr for constipation, given abd. Ultrasound by that doctor then he said there was nothing more he could do!
I decreased my amitriptylline to zero, lyrica to half as I had been depressed, saw an endocrinologist to control hashimoto thyroiditis, etc..the result was a rebound of pain so opiates were increased until I realized  4 months later that the pain was getting worse not better...the more I took, the worse the pain became..so at my insistence  I requested that  my pain specialist help lower my now 120mg daily morphine..
....after 8 months of tapering I am taking 4-8mg morphine a day prn..( I take 1 mg hydromorphone bid so use morphine equivalence as a reference) ...I am a retired  pharm..
My problem is that Ithough I take soluble fiber,acidophilus, lactulose 15-30cc once a week I am very very weak..15 minute slow walk leaves me exhausted, ...my stomach to rectum feels sluggish..though I still hear grumbling and pass gas..Who knows why the atelactasis but decreasing opiates and lying in bed, ?.non smoker or alcohol....
I use xylocaine now for lower rectal pain and levator uni, pudendal nerve pain only when it occurs..
If all neurological nerve related, autoimmune neuropathy? What dr should I see? I take glycopyrrolate 1mg and dicyclomine OCCASIONALLY for sweating and left mid  abd pain so slowly anticholinergics are being allowed again... I am 63 and in 1 year my health has turned to misery..miserable. Thanks for any help...
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It has been awhile but again thank u for answering..I saw a heart specialist for An IV stress test in april2014..as well as a pulmonologist..because I was very weak and gasping for breath though my oxygen level normal and had left chest pain.....the heart specialist's diagnosis was autonomic neuropathy..'dysautonomia' ..I had changed to a general practitioner who is very pro-active. He had all my records before my visit..and after the first visit, had me see the specialists...I know the monster is me! Thank you for being there for people like me! Blessings!
I am a 65 year old retired pharmacist ...I fought so hard to get this answer!
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Thank you for taking the time to explain to me what is happening..I was told about possible bacterial build up in bowel from diverticulitis and possibly lactulose.and took a cipro250 daily for 6 days and felt stronger...I have a c-pap machine that freezes my nose so yank it off  mid sleep but that leads to more feelings of desperation and suffocation..then get little sleep..waking only to coughing ..and feeling an all over feeling of being unable to catch my breath..my pain specialist vehemently told me I must take modafanil to avoid dosing off during day as if I do I am I feel paralyzed and drowning....I am coughing with no sputum but it racks my mid abd,upper back, with unwanted pain ..pleuritis? Yes, nerve related and thank you for suggesting  ncs..
Blessings..I am so glad to be taking an opiate only as needed! And no gaba meds...blessings
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Hi, the pain can be due to diverticulitis, which can cause symptoms of abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and changes in bowel habits. If there is a lung problem with atelectasis, it can affect the pleura and cause pleuritis. The pleura, the lining of the chest cavity and lungs can get inflamed causing pain and is referred to as pleurisy. And this can cause pain. The ongoing pain in the pelvis could indicate that there is progressive damage to the nerves. NCS, nerve conduction studies may show the effects on the nerve. I would advise you to discuss various options with a neurologist and initiate the right therapy for relief from pain. Regards.
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