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Dizziness, Difficulty Breathing, and a Distended Stomach

I have been experiencing the following symptoms:  Dizziness, Difficulty Breathing, and a Distended Stomach.  Most often I wake up in the middle of the night finding it hard to breate, as though I can't get a full deep breath when I inhale.  My heart begins to speed up and I'm dizzy.  Also, it looks like I'm pregnant, in that my stomach is very distended, and very hard.  My neck and face get red.  I have gone to the emergency room once and called 911 also, thinking it might be my heart.  But my EKG is fine.  I take Lipitor (10mg once a day), Toprol (50 mg twice a day), HCTZ (25mg once a day), and Wellbutrin XL (150 mg once a day).  I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  My cholesterol is under control but my blood pressure sometimes spikes.  I just having been feeling like myself and I'm getting worried that something's going on that is hidden.  Do you have any ideas what might be going on?
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Do you drink?
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I drink once in a while, but not very often.  A beer or two or a glass of wine.
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Just wondering, because I know that Lipitor works with the liver and can cause issues when combined with alcohol.  You should probably get a blood workup though.
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