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Dizziness, Nausea, Gerd

I was diagnosed with GERD about a year ago however I was still getting nausea and dizziness after being on Meds (Protonix then Aciphex) and went back to have another Endoscopy.  The Doc took samples of my duodinum and found that it had abnormially large amounts of immune reactions on it.  Like a build up of antibodies to the point where it was lining the walls but that isn't the exact terminology I should use however I can't think of the technical stuff he used.  That is it in a nutshell and he used that to diagnose Celiac Sprue which is a sensitvity to wheat gluten.  The body attacks wheat and flour like an invading germ and ends up lining the GI tract to the point where it becomes hard to absorb other nutrients like Iron.  It is actually more common that people know about but it isn't regularly tested for in the US, more in Europe than here.

After living Gluten free for 3 months my symptoms are much better now but I still have to take meds for the reflux.  Living Gluten free is very hard because flour and breading are in just about everything, no sandwiches, no breaded foods, no doughs like pizza, no beer unless its made from sorgham which is hard to find.  Anyway it is worth checking into with your Enterologist and may help you all out.

I recommend Amy's food brand if you do find out you need to be gluten free, it is in the health food sections of many grocery stores and it is clearly marked whether or not it has gluten in it.

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Crabb, if your meds aren't working be sure you are no longer taking them (Aciphex or anything of the sort). These medications do not "cure" the acid problem, they merely attempt to reduce the feeling/burning symptoms. The only way to reduce reflux, as I have found, is to reduce stress in your life, and by controlling your diet (staying away from acid trigger foods) and body (working out). A healthy diet (no unneeded added sugars, fast foods, grease) and a weekly work out plan may rid your heartburn as it did for me.

Thankfully there are many more products out there that advertise themselves as being gluten free. If you don't have access to health food/specialty stores, most giant/chain stores are increasingly adding these products to their lines (ie. Safeway even carries fluten free frozen waffles).

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