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Do hemmorrhoids EVER stop hurting?????

I've had either a hemorrhoid or fissure for over a month now and it's getting on my last nerve.  I told my doctor about it last time I was there, she didn't examine me, (I pretty much know that's what it is b/c I remember when the one time I had to strain and saw that bit of bright red blood for the first time) but she did give me a prescription for cortisone suppositories for 2 weeks.  She also suggested a stool softner.  I didn't take the softener at first, but my stools weren't particularly hard.  But after a week I started taking one a day.  It still hurt after I was out of the suppositories, so I called the doctor and asked for a refill..which they gave me.  Now I'm going to up the stool softener to 2 a day to see if that helps.  I don't strain, and I'm not constipated, it's just when I first go...it feels like a pinch or breaking of a scab which results in a little bit of blood on the toilet paper (and occasionally on the stool).  I just want it to heal and get back to normal...but it's not like I can stop using the bathroom.  I'm quite regular, so I feel like every day I go I'm just aggrevating the problem.  Is this something that is just going to perpetually be a problem and hurt, or will it go away (or at least stop hurting) eventually??  
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External hemorrhoids symptoms are usually cyclic and sometimes remain inactive for long time.
Chronic anal fissure (maybe your case) when is not responding to treatment with stool softeners etc.  should be treated with Botox infiltration of the  anal sphincter .   Unfortunately  many  family practice doctors ignore  this.
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Put some KY jelly on there after you shower.  
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If they are really bad they can do surgery on them. Not to famaliar with the procedure but I know one of my brothers had it done.
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