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Do questions get answered?

I've posted two questions about the same problem and so far I have not received any help. When I first visited this site it seemed as though all the questions that i read had answers to them.. I'm a newbee to this site.. How long does it take to hear from someone normally. I have gastro issues that are frankly scaring the living daylights out of me.. I dont know if you can access them from my nickname but if you read this and you somehow stumble upon my other posts, PLEASE... take a look and take a stab at my problem.. I am getting professional help with a gastroenterologist, but unfortunately my will/want to have answers is rapidly outrunning his ability to run tests and provide me with answers..

thank you!
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I was not able to locate your posts, but I didn't go thru everyone.  People are wonderful on this site when it comes to offering advice/experiences, but sometimes there may be nobody with your same symptoms.  Try posting your question again so that it appears on the first page, and be as specific as possible.  Sometimes I think I have advice for someone, but due to lack of information, can't respond.  Give us another chance at helping you, and post again.  But we cannot replace your doctor, so regardless of what you learn here, be sure to keep your doctor's appt. Thanks.............
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You did get an answer to your 6/4 post which appears too address the issue. Your description sounds like steatorrhea which can have a number of causes some of which are pancreatits and celiac disease. If this is an on-going issue you should talk to your doc and ask from confirmation via stool tests for fat malabsorption and look for and underlying cause via further testing.
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thank you CalGal for your response. your right i did get a response, thank you for taking the time to respond as well. I actually had an appointment with a urologist today and he had his own little ultrasound machine and he was looking at my kidneys and it reminded me that the gastroenterologist sent me for a full abdominal ultrasound, including the kidneys. i told him this and he immediately got on the phone and had them faxed over..

well i have an appointment for an endoscopy next tuesday which should help in deciphering exactly what I'm dealing with, but the urologist shared with me the results of the ultrasound four days ahead of my endoscopy appt where my gastroenterologist was supposed to go over the results of the ultrasound with me. the results: my spleen is on the upper limits, size wise, i have a gallbladder polyp and a slightly enlarged liver.. any ideas? if the gallbladder is not functioning properly can this affect the spleen? and the liver for that matter? i'm sure these questions will be answered on tuesday, but i'm extremely curious, and i guess there's a chance that these are symptoms of an underlying cause??
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thank you for answering as well. its good to know that there are people on this site that will give it a go and try to help me out, i deeply appreciate urs and CalGal's responses.. so with the info u already had on my case and the new info that i provided in my response to CalGal, any ideas on what i can be up against. still celiac or pancreatitis or something else entirely?
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