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Doctor said surgery not necessary for kidney stones diagnosis

I was diagnosed with two small kidney stones and the doctor said surgery is not necessary because of the size.  I was diagnosed with gall stones six years ago and the doctor then said the same thing. I experience extreme bloating,  and loud burping constantly.  This is accompanied by stabbing pains in my stomach.  The pain happens in the area of my belly button and sometimes on either the left or right side.  The diagnosis of kidney stones was only on the right side, so where is the pain on my left side coming from? Although not as constant as the bloating, I get massive heart burn and I feel like if something were moving inside me.  It is starting to interfere with my everyday life. I have also paid attention to what I eat and realized that my symptoms continue regardless of weather I eat greasy foods or fruits and vegetables.  I am always in pain, although the pain is mainly centered in the middle of my stomach...please help, I have been to three doctors and they keep saying the stones are small enough that I will pass them without surgery. Meanwhile, I have suffering for over six years, my stomach swells up sometimes so much that I look pregnant and over the anti acids do nothing for me.  One of the doctors I went to pointed out that I have a "gallop" in my heartbeat, but that it is normal even if uncommon for someone my age with no history of heart disease or heart attacks in my family.  Are these things related ???? Please help.
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