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Doctors who claim they know what they are doing

I also had my gallbladder out in October 2, 2009 and I have had nothing but problems since. My Bile Duct was only 5mm, enlarged after the doctor took out my gallbladder it was14mm enlarged, and I almost died the bile was backing up and causing my organs to fail.  The surgeon obviously did not know what he was doing because I had 4 different doctors tell me he made a mistake. The surgeon who did the surgery even told me that my bile duct was to narrow but he did not correct it.  I later found out that the correct protocol for a gallbladder removal is to do a erpc right after the gallbladder is removed, which he did not do even after he told me that my bile duct was to narrow, he knew that. Now my new GI saved my life..... Dr. Choppra in riverside, ca he is a saint. So make sure that they plan on doing an erpc after the gallbladder is removed.... Because  of the surgeon who almost killed me now I will have to go in to the hospital every 6 months and have my bile duct cleaned out

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