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Does anyone have long term chronic diarreah and severe rectal pain?

I have had watery diarrhea for 22 months on a daily basis, especially after eating anything, but it can happen anytime. I cannot control it and have quite a few accidents.  On the same day the diarrhea started, the rectal pain started at the same time. Feels like it does not empty and stool is stuck in rectum, and feeling of ground up glass with a feeling of pushing a baby out of my rectum.  Nothing helps. Can't use enema, runs in and runs out at same time, doesn't go anywhere. Suppositories do not help either, and just cause extreme burning and the melted suppository is the only thing I pass.  Even gas gets stuck in my rectum and can only pass if strain or sitting on toilet.  Have been seeing GI doctor, Colorectal doctor, GYN doctor, Neuroscience doctor, and primary care doctor throughout this whole time and no one has been able to help me. Tests after tests and 2 surgeries during past year and I just keep getting worse. Had colonoscopy first and had 4 polyps, one rather large and precancerous and he said I had a weak anal sphincter muscle. Said I needed to see a GYN for rectal pain because I had a prolapsed bladder and rectocele. I did and she said rectocele wasn't to bad, but needed to have it repaired and she would fix rectocele at same time. Didn't feel I could get this done until diarrhea under control. My GI doctor ordered a CT scan and saw I had a large gall stones. Had surgery in Feb, 2017 to remove gallbladder. I was told, the surgery would not help my diarrhea issue and it did not, but I don't have the upper stomach pain and nausea every day, like before. Then I was referred to a colorectal surgeon, who looked at rectum and said I had 2 internal hemorrhoids, which he banded one and went back later to have the other one banded. Never made any difference in pain. He ordered a defecography and rectal monomentry test. the defecography showed I had "remarkable rectal prolapse".  Told me to get the rectocele issue and bladder issue fixed first and after healing from that, he thought I would be a lot better, as was the consensus of the other doctors also. Three months later, back to the colorectal doctor and he told me there was nothing more he could do and sent me to have pelvic floor physical therapy.  All this time, I am still battling the diarrhea problem as well, which I even had during visits with them, so they know how bad it is. If I took one immodium, then I did not have any BM for about 4 days, which made my rectal issue much worse. PT wanted me to come for 3 days a week, which meant I would have to take immodium those days, which meant I would never have a BM of any kind. After 2 visits, she said the muscles seemed to be working fine and the Biofeedback had normal to excellent readings. She wanted me to wear a TENS unit, taped to my butt cheeks, which would not stay and was more irritating than helpful. After 2 more visits, we were doing kegel exercises, along with which I already knew how to do those and could do at home without the stressors of diarrhea. That is what I did and have continued since October, 2017. Do them 3 times a day along with some rectal exercises they showed me. Has not helped at all.

Now, GI doctor has put me on cholestyramine for diarrhea and it works great. I am taking a half scoop once a day, which the normal dosage is 1 scoop, 4 times a day.  Took it for 6 days and no diarrhea, but again, went 6 days with no BM and pain in rectum is unbearable. Stopped the cholestyramine for 2 days and took laxatives to help. Had normal BM's on 2 day.  On 3rd day, I was awakened at 3AM with watery diarrhea and within an hour, had gone 4 times. This continued all day and into late evening. So now and trying to take the dose every other day and see what happens. Today was the off day and I have not had diarrhea, but the rectal pain is killing me.  I pass a lot of mucous and occasional blood.  

My life is non functional.  Standing and walking makes the rectal pain excruciating to the point, I have to lie down.  Even lying down does not give me relief now, but is better than standing. I don't leave the house and I don't want friends coming over. No life of any kind now and I am losing my mind.  At this point, I would rather not have a rectum and use a bag and that's a terrible thing to say, but I can't take this anymore.  I even tried to go to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL, but they are short of GI doctors and are booked for the next year. Says they only have 3 GI docs and have been trying to recruit more for 2 years. That was my last hope. Can anyone relate or help me in any way??
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I'm so sorry to hear about all you are going through- I wish I could give you the answer as to what is going on, but I am not much help.  I do want to encourage you to keep pushing for answers.  Sometimes it takes us being our biggest health advocates to get some answers.  Keep a journal of what you are eating, how you are feeling, what you have to take and what it does- get back to the doctor and keeping pestering them for answers.  Keep us all updated on how you are feeling and doing and let us know if we can offer any other support to you.
Thank you. I have kept journals, been on special diets, including all liquids, and nothing has made a difference. I can eat a saltine cracker and have diarreah immediately. No cramps, just comes on suddenly, sometimes with no warning at all. I am paying $300 @ month in medical bills now. I only have medicare. The tests, 2 surgeries and just doctor visits have broke me. It is all very frustrating.
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I was trying to read through and see if this has been discussed with you but I'm sure irritable bowel syndrome has been questioned?  There are newer medications that work well for it. What about irritable bowel disease (ulcerative colitis, crohn disease)?  Sometimes endocrine disorders can cause it too but that is usually associated with weight loss.  How is your weight?  I'm really sorry about all of this and agree it's frustrating.  The only time I had consistent diarrhea and wasn't ill it was related to a binge on cabbage.  I kid you not.  I guess that is a natural diuretic I learned and I had watery, diarrhea for about 5 days straight.  It definitely burned and was very uncomfortable.  I would collect all info you can on yourself including your full diet, all past tests, etc. for when you do finally get to a specialist and in the off chance that this doesn't get better (and I sure hope it does) beforehand, go ahead and set the appointment up with the specialist at the Mayo Clinic.  That way, you have something on the books for down the road in case you are still battling this OR if they hire more doctors, you can move your appointment time sooner.

Hope this situation resolves and you get good answers!  
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