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Does my stomach perforated

Two months ago i was diagnosted with h pylori , i was prescribed with triple therapy but then i developed terminal iliets because of the antibiotics i have to stop them the treatment was 14 days but i stopped with 10 days , then i was having a black poo every since then , then last week i want to another hospital where they found out i am still h pylori moderately positive stool antigen , then i have to put back on antibiotics  as soon as that day i felt a burning feeling in my chest then i start over again the antibiotics which caused me a diarhea a month ago
i was so stressed and depressed that again i will develop diarrhea and they will stop the treatment , i look out in the internet and found out pribiotics, can keep gut bacteria balanced but its not available in my country
then with the stress and depression on the fifth day of the treatment i developed a severe back pain that keep me up all the night , it want on for another day and it subsides, then on the ninth of the treatment i developed a
sharp pain in my stomach , that geting worse with exercise and stress, i slept that night, then on the other day
pain was much more intense i have to round and round around the room untill the sunset hoping the pain will go away , but it got much more intense it feels bad to touch my stomach its very hard last night i was having a hard bouts of pain coming one after another on my breast pone and another one on my middle tummy and back middle pain that is so severe that i didn't slept for last night and touching my tummy makes crack sound and coughing aggrevate it more i am up since now i don't feel nause and my stool is little more yellow and hard bowel movement are very painfull in my tummy also urination is also painfull
in my tummy , i feel like my back is compressed and  difficult breathing , could it be my stomach perforated its third day with the tummy and breastbone non stop pain add that back pain , i am still taking the antibiotics despite that what do you think , i don't want to go to a doctor as i am scaring of surgery
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It's quite unlikely you've perforated your stomach.  Gastrointestinal perforations are caused by such things as appendicitis, diverticulitis, a stomach ulcer, gall stones or a gall bladder infection, inflammatory bowel diseases, blunt trauma to the stomach, such a knife wound, gunshot, surgery, taking aspirin or NSAIDs or pain long-term, etc.   A gastrointestinal perforation is a medical emergency and requires immediate care.

Symptoms include: severe stomach pain, chills fever, nausea and vomiting.  You don't seem to have nausea and vomiting, but since you have the extreme pain, if you haven't already, I'd strongly suggest that you see your doctor.

I've had H. Pylori and the treatment is not something that should cause extreme pain or surgery, however, if there's something else going on, it's best to find it now than to wait until it becomes an emergency.  Please see your doctor.
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