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Does this sound gastro related or maybe something else?

Hi everyone.

I've been having some troublesome symptoms since about July 2020 for which initially i put them down to hayfever season but now early March and they just seem to get worse rather than better.

It started as what seemed like mucus build up and the need to keep clearing my throat.

I then developed a nagging pain that was coming from my throat.

Its been more prominent and there doesn't seem to be any answers.

The symptoms I'm getting are:

Pain from jugular notch area from throat
Feeling of band around my neck like a tight scarf, t shirts at times are annoying to wear
Stiff neck and sensation of wanting to itch my neck at times
Discomfort under my left arm and across collar bone
Feeling of fullness under my chin, puffy like glands are swelling and burning sensation at times
Sore throat and tired feeling in throat
Occasional stich pain in left side

I've had bloods done and came back fine, had 2 ENT cameras and all were fine. Been taking omeprazole 20mg twice daily and Gaviscon after meals for about 2 months but these symptoms have not improved.

The pain deep in my throat coming from jugular notch area is quite bad and taking co-codimal helps a little but still the pain persists. At times when i breath in it feels like I'm breathing through the throat pain if that makes senses.

I'm really at a loss here as to what this could be and its really worrying. I just need answers as i cant keep taking these pills as they make me so groggy and they aren't resolving the problem.

Thanks everyone.
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