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Dyspepsia/gastritis /stomach cramps/spasm

Dear Doctor
around 3 months back i went through anxiety and panic attacks, and i would feel that those panic attacks
in fact affected my stomach a lot causing acidity issue. I have now resolved my anxiety around 2 months back.
I have done my endoscopy which is come perfectly normal, but i still get burning pains in stomach just above
abdomen after i take meals. No meals no pains.
Can i know how to survive without these pains after each meal?. I have already lost weight because i eat only small
quantities.Also I believe these are symptoms of Dyspepsia and can it be cured for good?
Right now i m on razo 20 and antacids , but my point is that can we restore those intestine/stomach to original position
as looks like my stomach ha forgot to behave normal, because of cramps/spasm that i suffered for around a month
when going through anxirty /panic attacks.I assure you that I no more panic/anxiet.
I just want to know how to survive without any pains after each meal?
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