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ECRP and Pancreas

I developed Pancreatitus after having an ERCP in Feb and still healing! I developed some symptoms which have baffled my GI DR.  I have occaisional trouble swallowing, pain when I yawn and constant stomach/abdominal pain which seems to be made worse by eating. I also am going to the bathroom several times a day - normal bowel movement? Any ideas? The stomach/abdominal pain has gotten worse over time.
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first why you need an ERCP? it's not a common procedure, all these concern should be addressed to the DR. that did the ERCP and hear what he has to explain, I am writing because my GI dr. wants me to have the same (ERCP), I have not decided, now maybe I have no guts to go for it, wishing you feel better day by day.
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ERCP was done to check my bile ducts as I was having recurring abdominal pain.
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I had an ECRP to go into the area of the head of my pancreas because a cyst showed up with a CT Scan. The ECRP went bad and the fluid draind out of the cyst into my guts. I ended up with Pancreaitis. I have spent about 3 months int h hospital with several infection caused by the pancreaitis and have been in a living hell.

Before al this I was diagnose with IBD/IBS and have been sick since the early 1990's with intestinal diease. I was not a drinker nor a smoker.  My stomach and Pancreas are very very swollen. After discharge from the hospital, I was just told as long as I don't deleope fevers (again) then just try to eat and heal, as the hospital could not do much more for me. Problem is eating is extremely difficult, and I feel so bloated, so damned full, and take morphine for pain. I am unable to find any Pancreatic disease support groups close to me. Moving is extremely hard to do, the nausea is outragously bad, and so weal, I lost much, much weitht and mucle, it is a huge struggle.

My health care provider is excellent and they are providing me with a meidcal bad with electiric controls. I need to raise the head a bit and the raise the leggs so al the fluid in my feet and leggs drain, as they are very swollen. I also have phyically therapy and a dietician visit my home 2 times per week.

With all this help keeping a positive attitude is very difficult.

Anyone else have similar experience?

Steven in San Diego
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My UNmedical opinion is that you have a problem within your pancreas that your ERCP has only triggered.
My daughter, 21, has many recurring pancreatitis attacks. This began 2+ years ago. She has been to every hospital in Green bay, but all of her surgeries have been performed at Froedtert in Milwaukee.
Sadly, they still do not know what her triggers are.
Her weight plummeted to 89 pounds because she could not eat anything.
She has been on every diet, including NOT eating, but when even a drink of water triggers the awful pain, vomiting and diarrhea, she needs to return to the hospital.
It's a helluva way for her to be spending these wonder years of her life!

We will now be going to Mayo Clinic in Rochester...

Just wanted to say good luck with all of this.

I have just posted a comment about barium contrast etc...
Two links there are VERY interesting and I hope you will keep them in mind with your own diagnosis.

Take care Steve
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Yes, the docotrs and surgeons told me the ECRP triggered the Pancreaitis. I am hoping to find others with the same proplems and tell me hell they get through through all the hell, the kength of time, any more info. I need more contact with others and more info. it's too much fo rme to bear alone.


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Well,  after spending many more weeks in the hospital This is my diagnosis ( have spent mosdt this year in the hospital and again was just released yesterday after 2 more weeks...:

I got a more definitive diagnosis from my doctors, even though it is very complicated.

I have:

'Portal Vein Thrombosis'

which at least gives my problems a definition.


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