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Hello folks,  

for the last few months i have had a problem with my esophagus.    Water not going down,  food not going down.  very bad pain.    Yesterday i had a barium scope and then today i had a endoscopy.   The results are in my photos in my profile.    Lots of stuff biopsied.     Does any of it seem like something that may cause major issues?  I feel like i have some weird virus or something.   The Doctor said that none of this is life threatening,  but of course i was on drugs when he told me everything.    Hoping for some advice.

Also i feel like someone punched me in the stomach LOL

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here is all the stuff biopsied.   Basically I'm having HORRIBLE heart burn,  just came out of no where.   I had the barium test and then the EGD .  here are the results.    anything here to worry about?

Duodentitis    Biopsied
Gastritis      Biopsied
a few Papules  found in the stomach  Biopsied
Billious gastric fluid
LA grade A reflux esophagitis   Biopsied

adnormal esopheagus motility suspicious for spasm  Biopsied
Ectopic gastric Mucosa in the upper third of the esophagus Biopsied
Since they are biopsied, you have to wait for the results of the biopsy to know for sure that all is fine.  Does that make sense?  

So, you have terrible gerd?  How do you treat that?  I did too.  I had gallbladder issues too.  I had something a little similar to what you describe with swallowing.  Long time gerd may lead to this, but I'm not sure.  

I took OTC anti acid tablets.  But don't have gerd anymore or the gastrointestinal problems.  I lost some weight and modified my diet.  I am careful with acidic foods like spaghetti sauce.  I gave up things like soda or anything that aggravates it.  

So, while you were under and coming out from the medication for the endoscopy, they gave you info. But you should have a follow up appointment to discuss it.  When are you next seeing your doctor.
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