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Early morning nausea in teenager

My daughter is 13 and has quite often dealt with early morning nausea as soon as she wakes.  Usually by late morning she is feeling fine again.  She has always been in good health but there must be a reason this continues to happen as it started when she was really young and still happens.

What are the possible causes of this.

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She does not drink coffee and eating before bed is not a regular routine for her.  The morning nausea almost always develops instantly into vomitting. Her weight is approx. 110.  She usually just ends up retiring back to bed til early afternoon after the vomitting stops.
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There was a recent show on something similar to this called Mystery Diagnosis. There was a young girl who by day was completely fine but soon after she went to sleep she would wake up vomiting for no reason. She did this for several months and when her mom took her to different doctors none of them found anything wrong with her. Eventually, the mother brought her to a neurologist who discovered that the daughter was suffering from epilepsy and the usual convulsions that most people had were being manifested in the vomiting episodes.

So this may be something that you want to bring up to your pediatrician. Hope this helps!
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my daughter has had this since she was very young and it is conected to her asthma. The vomiting was the first sign of her asthma. She is now in her 20's and if she gets up too early or quickly before properly clearing her chest she vomits. Hope this helps.
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Thank you for your continued comments. This has been something that has bothered her since she was fairly young.  And with no sort of consistancy in when or why it happens to her.  

As far as a bland meal before bed, I would assume that a healthy cereal providing all those suggested nutreints would sufice.  I will also try to get her to drink more water each day.  I understand the health benefits of yogurt in general but what was the benefit of the suggestion in relation to my daughters problem.
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My 12 year old son has been going through the same thing.  He vomits lots of mornings, especially school mornings.  By 10 or 11, he's fine.  We've narrowed the problem down to a belief that it is caused by post nasal drip at night when he's sleeping.  A CAT scan showed his adenoids are englarged, and he's going to have them removed this month.  I would suggest having her checked by an ENT as it took me way too long to figure this out, and I believe this might have helped him years ago.  Good luck and keep us posted.
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My son had similar symptoms growing up; he is now age 25.  One doctor diagnosed him with Gilbert's syndrome, which I believe is the correct diagnosis, although his symptoms were long a mystery to us.  You will see when you google Gilbert's, it is non-life threatening and nothing too serious.  It is an inherited difference that affects organs involved with digestion. Medical websites will assist you with the proper diet to avoid symptoms.  Hope this helps.
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Hormones and foods with no nutrition have a big thing to do with it. With so many foods that have preseritives it destroys the digestive tract. At one point or another, if she was on antibiotics for a period of time the flora in the stomach needs rebuilding. Does she still go through episodes?
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