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Early stage gastroparesis due to anxiety induced massive weight loss

Hi, How do I avoid the risks of long term low fibre diet and put on weight with low fibre/fat diet and gastroparesis?
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First of all, if you are asking this question, I suggest you see a certified nutrition expert.  After you see  a gastoenterologist. If you don't have the money to do that, I strongly advise you not to listen to regular advisers on the internet since they can tell you things that can hurt you. From my own experience, I wanted to lose weight. I lost about 30 pounds so far and seem to be keeping it off, but it's always a struggle with my appetite (hunger pangs) and my mind telling me I can/should desist. What I did was buy carrots, apples, etc. and keep them close, even when I travel. I make my own dip to make them tastier. BUT! because I am usually constipated I used cleansers and the sort, and I'm pretty sure I hurt my insides. So I FINALLY listened to my doctor who told me to take Miralax and that's been working pretty well without giving me pain. Best to you. (I hope to lose more, but this time I am determined to keep it off. I have switched to eating wholesome foods -- a change from the candy and junk I used to eat.)
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Hi Thanks for your answer, I am not sure I have GP. There wasn't enough space to write all the details I really wanted to write.
Fibre takes too long to digest, wholemeal etc, it makes me nauseous a few hours after eating, but a low fibre diet, while it has helped the nausea, it has it's own risks like colon cancer, diverticulitis etc, so here is my dilemma.
I am from the UK and the NHS seem to appear to only recognise more advanced gastroparesis.
I also notice that although I drink plenty of water during the day, I don't pee much, however I have proper pees at night and the need to pee wakes me up at 3-4am, and I do a proper pee.
I am on progesterone which slows gastric emptying but cannot come off that as I am on hrt, being 53 years old.
I am also on nicotine replacement lozenges which slow gastric emptying but the irritability on cutting it down is intolerable and makes me want to self harm.
I get reflux so I know the food is still in my stomach 10 or so hours after I have eaten it.
I lost 84lbs in the last 3 years due to anxiety.
So, basicallly, the NHS may probably not recognise early stage gastroparesis, and i still have the diet dilemma, how can I stop the nausea, reflux, slow stomach emptying without the risks of a low fibre diet?
You might want to check out fodmap diet, and see if it relates to you. It's a researched diet put to use by some hospitals. When you say low-fiber diet, what exactly do you mean? But anyway, you might want to look at FODMAP diet. I did after someone talked about it here, I believe, but I don't think it applies to me yet. Self-harm is not good, why do you do it? I think I overate because I didn't care about myself, but I don't carve myself up. I had a music student who did that and I had to help her to understand that underneath all the misery she was going through, there is hope. I believe it was Tennyson's poems that are like that. :-) Talk about the spring after a cold winter.
Hi thanks for your comment
I looked at fodmap diet and it has fibre and meat, I am vegetarian and fibre makes me nauseous.
By low fibre I mean simple carbohydrates and no wholemeal, raw veg, well cooked veg, no grains, but the problem with avoiding these foods is that you risk colon cancer or diverticulitis etc.
I don't cut myself, i bite myself, I fit the profile of asperger's but when I went for the tests I was on recreational drugs and got misdiagnosed, my mum had to do a questionnaire.
Aspies sometimes bite themselves during meltdowns caused by overwhelm and stress.
My mum and me hardly commmunicate, I have serious property and legal property issues and she has high blood pressure and has to avoid stress, and I worry her a lot.
I do email her to say a brief hello to touch base but if she knew the half of my problems, as she is elderly and has high blood pressure, it could put her at risk, as she has been told to avoid stress.
Sorry about your situation. When I was younger I used to literally bang my head on the wall but I no longer do that. Hopefully you can improve your situation. None of us is perfect. By the way, since you say you were on recreational drugs, they cost money, don't they? So that would not help if you owe bills. When I was smoking (I stopped), I figured that the money I spent on cigarettes would give me a nice vacation if I stopped. I eventually stopped. I hope you find a solution so you can feel better. It's good that you don't want to irritate your mother. Again, I hope things work out.
By the way, why do you say that if you eat low fibre foods you risk getting cancer? What are the low fibre foods you eat?
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