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Eat Better and Feel Better?

I encourage all of my neighbors and family to try this. I feel such much better everyday and now I am eating right too! Read this:

To avoid health problems, we can help our digestive system by avoiding unhealthy foods, by consuming an adequate amount of dietary fiber, by supplementing with friendly probiotic bacteria that help protect our intestinal flora, and by taking digestive enzyme supplements.  One such product that offers both, as well as beneficial herbal extracts is Better Digestion.  Better Digestion is a natural daily supplement  designed specifically to enhance overall digestive health, bowel function and wellness. If you would like to learn more about this product please visit http://www.ritternutrition.com/Ritter/better-digestion.html

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I had old surgeries ,which have come back to bite me.For months ,have not been able to have any bowel movement without 2 cups of Milk of Magnesia..from lid on top.Within about 2 houes I have small BM which is colored water.Been doing this for months.They say I have no blockage,but I am also  "raw Sore" internally under my left breast and can't push anything else out.This morning,I NEEDED to push but could not.Docs say I am not plugged up,but they are wrong.I have Chronic Neuropathy pain.I think they messed something internally up in my digestive system.Can't handle the pain.Went to Emergency,they say can only treat a person with a broken leg etc.Here I am doubling in pain,and they thought I had at least to have had something broken in order to be treated.They are crazy.I can't live this way.Months at a time and getting worse.I NEED TO PASS GAS!!!DESPERATELY!!!!HELP!! HELP!!! Arlene
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