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Effect of opiates on pyloric sphincter and CCK

Hello all, I've recently started suspecting that I have bile reflux. My gallbladder mysteriously stopped working three years ago (when I was 17) and it was removed. I was better eating and nausea-wise, but I had this burning in the stomach and no matter what, I could not lie down during the day. Months passed and it got worse and worse. Endoscopies revealed gastritis. Blood work was extremely off with vitamin deficiencies everywhere, most notably vitamin A. In my last endoscopy, though, severe gastritis (with blood) was found, along with bile staining. I've been taking proton pump inhibitors constantly through all of this, and I also never have inflammation in my esophagus. Acid is not "refluxing," I'm nearly positive of that. Bile is thick, it can sit there. Maybe a valve problem of sphincter problem.

I've mentioned this to doctors before, but it's always ignored. Opiates allow me to lie down. Nothing starts burning me. I've been doing research and I know that opiates have some sort of effect on the pyloric sphincter (where things were rerouted with my gallbladder surgery) and the ejection of CCK. Any information anyone has about these effects is greatly appreciated. I think I'm onto something and I need a doctor to finally help me, because I'm already back to a bleeding stomach.
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I cannot assist you but I noticed some of your symptons are registering with me, im a 54yr old copd/empysema sufferer moderate to severe not on oxygen but the past few months have been hell, I have got what feels like swelling in my left side stomach area and feel especially uncomfortable after eating every 2 or 3 days I have to clear my esopegus of clear sticky mucas sometimes mixed with a little food, but if I dont I feel like I wont be able to breath, I have had enoscopy few months ago and they said that maybe I had reflux, so im taking nexium 40mg but it is not doing much good, do you recognise any of this, many thanks if you can help x
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The pyloric valve is a sphincter, however, in your title you mention SOD, and what you're describing does not really match up with that condition. Many people do experience bile reflux both with a gallbladder and without one, unfortunately. But I believe the episodes of bile reflux without the presence of the GB are higher.

If you've had an EGD, get the reports and read them. The endoscopy report should mention whether or not the pyloric sphincter is 'competent' - open or closed at time of endoscopy.

If you're on PPIs they're probably going to do little for bile reflux. You may want to consider talking to your doc about the use of an aluminum-based binding agent that might help in the stomach or something like carafate. If you're also experiencing diarrhea or loose stools, also talk about the use of questran or other bile-binding agent.

For many with SOD, the use of narcotic-based meds raises the pressures in the common bile duct and sphincter of Oddi and results in intenst pain.
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Oops..........sorry......you didn't mention SOD...........my mistake. Still had it in mind after reading another post.
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