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Eggy belching and vomiting

Long history of stomach issues. Last few years I've had eggy burps with stomach pain and vomiting that follows for about 12 to 24 hours. Anyone know what this is??????
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Have you been checked for the presence of H. pylori or possible gastritis? Also have you been evaluated for gallbladder issues? All of those could in some individuals result in sulphur-like burping. If the vomiting produces a fair amount of yellow or yellow-green substance, it could be bile and it would reflect possible problems with the gallbladder.
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How do you get tested for these things? All my doctor has done is give me dexilant for acid reflux.
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. These episodes are getting worse. I've just had another attack 2 days ago. This time was the worst ever. I know this is TMI but I have to explain what's happening to me. Everything that comes out of me during these episodes smells of eggs! Vomit, diarrhea and belching. I never use to get the diarrhea with this. And I now I'm getting severe acid in my chest and throat a few days before I get the whole stomach attack. I vomit a lot of thick mucus also and sometimes it comes up with I'm trying to burp and gets stuck. Beneath the mucus vomit is this nasty egg smelling acid that burns the crap out of throat and nose. The vomiting and diarrhea last for at least an entire day. Throwing up doesn't help the nausea feeling. I'm scared now. Going to my doctor this morning.
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