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Elevated LFTs / Muscle aches and tremor

Hi All,

Appreciate some thoughts on the following.

26 year old healthy male, non smoker, no alcohol issues.

January 2015 - severe skin rash outbreak affecting torso, knee caps, ankles, elbows, forearms, very itchy. Treatment with anti-fungal, steroid, anti-histamines and even scabies proved unsuccessful. Eventually cleared up after 3 days on steroids (Prednisone).  Blood screen normal.

February - May 2015 - Severe sleep disturbance / acute anxiety / muscle tremors + hypnic jerks during sleep onset. Neurologist consult said benign, no cause for concern. (No co-ordination/visual/numbness issues)

June 2015 - present - developed slight muscle tremors in fingers, biceps, thighs while under tension, pain in forearm muscles and piriformis. Repeat Neuro consult in Jan 2015 regarding the tremor also yielded no concern.

On-going elevated LFT results...

Jan 2015: GGT 216 / ALT 54 / Serum Albumin 53

Apr 2015: GGT 229 / ALT 91 / Serum Albumin 51

Dec 2015: GGT 390 / ALT 84 / Serum albumin 48  /

Feb 2015: GGT 420 / ALT / 76 / Serum Albumin 48

Also increased Haemoglobin levels noted over the past year, together with mildly elevated Iron (% Iron saturation 42%, Serum transfer 2.5, Serum Iron level 26.3, Seratin 24.5)

Recent ultrasound of liver seemed fine from initial feedback from radiologist, though still waiting on referral to hepatologist.

I'm of a scientific background so constantly looking to connect the dots. The random skin outbreak with no determined cause, followed by a year of muscle aches, tremors and slight neuro symptoms leave me perplexed and craving an explanation.

Lyme? Gluten intolerance?  Haemochromatosis?

Anyone any advice on where to go from here?

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