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Elevated Liver Enzymes, Lipase and no idea what is going on

Background: Gastric Bypass surgery in 2014 and Gallbladder removal in 1990

In January, I went to the ER for abdominal pain, nausea and slight fever. Liver enzymes were highly elevated. Normal lipase/amylase and ultrasound and X-rays came back normal. Only thing noted was a 10mm calcification on right hepatic.

Went to GI who ordered MRCP and that came back with 'possible' common bile duct obstruction.
During the time I waited for ERCP double balloon, my liver enzymes went back up.

Had difficult procedure with history of my gastric bypass where they put a temp plastic stent. They didn't see anything while in there (stones, blockage, etc) but put stent in the CBD. Developed pancreatitis after the procedure.

It's been 2 1/2 months and I'm set to go back in 2 weeks to remove stent.Over the last couple of months, all lab work has been back to normal.
Last week, I awoke with abdominal pain and what I recognized felt like pancreatitis and went for lab work. ALT, AST, Alkaline Phosphate all elevated and lipase. Amlyase normal.

GI says he's confused as the stent should've solved this problem. He has spoken to me about a sphincterotemy, however, he also said that if that was the issue, the stent should've resolved that. I do not want to be a guinea pig and have them do that with the possibility of that's what it 'might' be. I'm super nervous that I've now had 2 bouts with pancreatitis and assuming with the removal of the stent in the next procedure, it's very likely that will happen again.

Any ideas what could be going on with me? Could it be something beyond my biliary system since they don't seem to 'see' anything?

Also, I do drink socially and they are questioning whether the pancreatitis could be because of this but my common sense says that I only developed this after my ERCP and now alongside elevated liver enzymes so I dont think it's related.

Please help with ideas!

Thank you!
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