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Elevated ast, alt, ldh and alp levels

My husband recently discovered from a physical exam that his liver enzymes are elevated. They are:

ast 73 IU/L
alt 79 IU/L
alp 128 IU/L
ldh 216 IU/L

ggt and bilirubin levels are fine. He is a healthy 39-year old, 5'11, 155 lbs, drinks maybe once every few months, no family history of liver disease (heart disease, yes). He has no physical symptoms or ailments and takes no herbal supplements or medications other than the occasional ibuprofen for a headache. Are these numbers just borderline or do they merit a more thorough investigation from a specialist? He has so far only seen our family practitioner who is a DO.
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If you do any research on liver enzymes, almost anything can raise the enzymes.  What you eat, meds, your body's natural balance, exercise, etc.  It is probably nothing, but if you are really worried about it, you can ask your doctor for a follow up blood test in a few months.  The liver enzymes seem to move rather slowly.  

I found out a couple of years ago that I have elevated liver enzymes ALT and AST.  I had to go through the ringer and get all the tests, including a liver biopsy.  All my tests came back normal.  

What they won't tell you is their test reference ranges are derived from a standard deviation of a limited population.  Therefore it is possible to be naturally outside of the bell curve.

I'm not a doctor, but I have a lot of doctors in my family.  So I'm not completely in the dark!
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