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Elimination diet...

I just left a message with my allergist asking for a food elimination diet.

I 99% sure i'm soy intolerant and suspect corn but I can't find the problem holding me up...(I know there's an allergy section but this one is more active).  Hopefully my allergist will respond but sometimes only $$$ motivates doctors (office visit is like $200+ and i'm unemployed with this problem)

does anyone know any good elimination diets?  I did one but never knew about white potatoes for example... I was just doing the 8 basic allergens like: Soy/dairy/casein/wheat/gluten/nuts....but now i'm adding corn to the diet potatoes...tomatoes..

anything i'm missing?  I'm sick of being sick and I know it's food related.  Allergist suggested doing a food dairy and elimination diet but I didn't get a diet plan from him.
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The elimination diet I went on eliminated about 12 of the most common food allergens:

Wheat (all gluten), Dairy, Soy, Corn, Citrus, Eggs, Alcohol, Chocolate, Obvious Sugar, Coffee, Peanuts, Potatoes (all nightshade family)

The ones with the parenthesis are notations that my naturopath added that applied to me.

My naturopath told me to do this elimination diet for longer than most people before challenging any of the foods on the list.  Usually, people follow it strictly for two weeks before starting the challenge part of the equation.  Save wheat (and gluten) and sugar for last.  I would add, save the dairy for next to last, too, because many who are sensitive to gluten are also sensitive to dairy.  Not always, but often.
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Oh my gosh thanks so much for the responce, when I google these diets they're all so different...I can't work so zero $$$ so any help is very greatful.  I did this diet for the last month but didn't realize about corn/citrus/potatoes/eggs...(woops..)

So i'll start over again :( but thank you so much - during my elimination diet trial last month the parents bought me some gluten free waffles (with soy) and I was soooo sick for 4 days straight!  Finally an answer!  So yeah good chance there's something else wrong but thank you for that information that's basically what I needed, the main groups what to avoid!

Thanks :)
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if you get bored i'm curious what did you eat then doing that diet?  Especially for breakfast..I bought some rice milk but just realized it has corn in it :(
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Try this:  Cook some brown rice, whichever kind you like.  You can add flaxseed oil and a touch of sea salt and/or olive oil.  Go easy on the oil, so you don't upset your stomach.  You do need some healthy fat in the diet, and this is a good way to get a little bit with your first meal of the day.  I use a sea salt called Real Salt.  You can buy it in bulk at a health food or natural food store.  Or, some places sell the same salt in various packages.  

Other grains you can try the same way (for variety) are quinoa, amaranth, hulled millet, buckwheat and kasha (toasted buckwheat).  

If getting protein is important to you in the morning, try the quinoa.  There are three colors of quinoa.  The most common one is the "white" quinoa (a light color about the same color as that of sesame seeds).  Red and black quinoa can be found in some health food or natural food stores in bulk.

The grains I mentioned are great for those of us who need to avoid gluten.  Information I learned on Dr. Mercola's site:  If you see something made with teff (the grain used in the making of the Ethiopian bread called Injera) steer clear of it.  He said that people who don't tolerate gluten don't do well with teff either.  Teff is difficult to cook and is rather expensive anyway.
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Great thanks! - i'll go out and get some brown rice, back during my healthy days years ago I would eat like 3 bowls of cereal (sugar/wheat/milk) and that would get me through most of the day A-OK...but course now I can't do that.  Totally intolerant to soy now I know that for sure, i've found a few cereals like puffed rice that seem to work but now taking rice milk/milk totally out of my diet for 3+weeks yeah it's gonna be hard.  Plus I have been looking for a fiber supplement since i'm so IBS-C screwed up..so flaxseed is a great idea.  I was doing eggs for breakfast but I'll avoid all possible food groups, maybe it's eggs *shrugs* but I missed something..hopefully i'll figure it out.

Anyway thank you for that response!  I'm desperate to start feeling better..:S so i'll do anything.  So currently i'm totally off all the main allergens and we'll see what happens.  Hopefully it's something simple like dairy+soy...

Thank you :)
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