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Endometriosis, constant nausea....

I was diagnosed with endometriosis a few years ago. I was constantly in pain with many other symptoms. I've have 2 laparoscopies. The most bothersome symptom is constant pain on my lower abdominal area on the left side. I have tried all birth control pills, patches and shots.

I have been on the Depot Lupron shot which puts you into menopause with add back therapy to try and control the nasty side effects. Let me tell you, being in menopause at 23 is not enjoyable!

Endometriosis is my main "disease" but there is a very troubling symptom that's I've had for 3 years now and I need some help. For the past 3 years, I have had CONSTANT nausea. All day, everyday. When I wake up until I fall asleep. It also wakes me up at night. I have tried everything!!! I have changed my lifestyle to get rid of the stress. I have changed my diet... no dairy, no fatty foods, ect NOTHING has helped.

My doctor simply suggests to take Gravol. I am now taking a pill and a half every 3 hours with still.... no relief. I've had a colorectal exam because my mother does suffer from colon cancer. I've also had the test where they shove a tube down your throat... it was such a horrible experience that I do not even recall the name of it. All came up clear.

My family doctor has not done anyother tests and I do not know where or who to see anymore. I've seen that many ppl do have this and have noticed that most of them do not have a diagnosis. The doctor simply told me that it was caused by stress... I have been on sick leave for 4 months now. Staying in bed and resting therefore... I AM NOT STRESSED!!! I am simply frustrated with the fact that doctors will tell you that every disease is caused by stress when they cannot find the answers.

The nausea was stable up until about 3 months ago. It is worse and I am not able to eat as much anymore. I've always had a good appetite but now, my family forces me to eat because I cannot! Seeing food or even smelling it makes me sick. I am NOT pregnant so that is not an answer! I miss being able to eat and I am now very worried. It's gotten worse so I know something is wrong.

It's a horrible feeling to KNOW that something is wrong but no one wants to help.
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