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Endoscope biopsy results

i posted about almost a year ago for ongoing stomach problems. its been a long wrng with may i say not the best doctors. i did have my gallbladder out this past january. the one good dr i had. afterwards i was still having issues so she referred me to the gastro dept. i had the smartpill which was normal, sibo test which was hard to get results but ultimitely was normal.i had a endoscope on june 2. i was only given mild sedation they had every crazy excuse why they couldnt give me anestesia and they knew i had ptsd and anxiety. i was awake and felt everything. results came to my portal a week later. everything was fine but one thing it said"linear endcronine cells hyperplasia with possibility of autoimmune gastritis" all dr wrote was it required follow up but nothing to be concerned about due to groups and research i found it to be concerned possibly but unfortuently still dont have definete answers. i decided since the hospital or doctor would talk to me or give me answers i would go else where. i have a appt. for sept 2 at lahey in mass(i am in nh where healthcare for me has been a nightmare) lahey has won many awards of excellence so i look forward to my visit.problem with past gastro there where several antibody bloodwork i should have had to confirm autoimmune but was never done. hoping basicly new dr i want all test redone kind of start over. i dont have faith in the last 2 GI's i seen in nh.also i understand with autoimmune gastritis your usually b 12 deficient. i have had my b 12 checked twice since feb and its been normal. my folate last month was slightly elevated but b 12 right in the middle. im just worried my stomach hurts i dont know if thats my stomach issues or nerves. i had been told autoimmune can turn into 2 different types of cancer. i know im probobly jumping the gun.i dont even know if its definite. plus the hyperplasia is something im worried about again dr at lahey i want him to do everything over again but meantime my health anxiety is getting the best of me.i also have been trying to get unconstipated. omg, so many things! anxiety! i also have several autoimmune disorders(including thyroid) anyone who knows about all this or can calm me down much appreciated. its been a hard year! thank you so much.
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I struggle with some similiar problems and started taking VSL3 and it has helped a lot.
I'm not far from Lahey, they have a great hospital there. Good luck!
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Thank you. what is vsl3? yes originally i wanted and had a appointment with mass general but the doctor couldnt see me until november and i knew i couldnt wait that long. several people on a local board suggested lahey, i have never been there but i knew it was a good hospital. one woman in particular said it saved her life so my appointment is sept 2. my situation now is i found out from good people like yourself i was suppose to have all these antibody bloodwork that the former gastro never did or even mentioned to partly confirm autoimmune gastritis, i am wondering though some people said let your new pcp do it i see him in 2 weeks then i thought i should have the new gastro do it along with redoing the endoscope. what do you think also b12 defientcy is common with this and people told me i might need injections and my numbers without it were dangerous. i went back and looked in february my b12 was 373 last month theey were 314. my only concern is praying my new pcp takes it seriously.

Good luck tomorrow!
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