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Endoscopy and colonoscopy

I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy because my doctors were concerned that I might have stomach cancer.  Afterwards I learned that there weren't any signs of cancer, but they did find some bruising on the lining of my stomach.  What does that mean?
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What did the doctor say about the bruising and possible causes?  I just had an endoscopy and colonoscopy on Thursday, February 26.  The doctor thought I had crohn's disease, but then said I didn't after he performed the procedure.  I was told I have a thickening of the colon so they are still trying to figure out.  Do you have any more procedures scheduled?  I go in this Thursday for a small bowel follow through.  I'm not sure what they are looking for now.  The dr. thought my biopsies would come back normal, so I'm wondering what it all means as well.  Sorry I have more questions than answers.  What symptons lead  you to have the procedures?
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I was so out of from the procedure that I don't remember what all he said.  My husband was with me, be he didn't ask what the bruising meant.  As for now I don't have any more procedures scheduled.  My symptoms were from what I thought was an ulcer, but my doctor sent me for these tests because my mom was recently diganosed with stomach cancer.  Symptoms- burning feeling and a lot of pain in the pit of my stomach.
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