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Enflamed Stomach

Hi All.
I wonder if anyone can help.
I'm not really a drinker at all but 6 months ago I went out with friends and had 3 or 4 small Gin & Tonics - I don't think the problem was so much the Gin as the levels of real lime juice squeezed into them.
At the time I thought it tasted delicious but boy have I suffered since.
Bouts of acid reflux, nausea and a variety of pains from my stomach to my intsetines, some of which refer into my back.
In addition I generally feel unwell, not quite myself if you know what I mean, like somethings out of kilter.
My Doc thinks it is stress related but has done urine and bloods to check my vital organs and he described them as 'spectacularly normal' so with the persisting symptoms he referred me to a G/I specialist.
He has conducted a gastroscopy & a colonoscopy and tells me that there is nothing abnormal and that my stomach lining is irritated.
While this is a relief, I still do not feel any better and have lost almost a stone in weight thoughout this 6 months.
My stools are always very soft to the point where its pretty much diarreah - at best the start of the stool is partly formed and then goes very loose towards the end of the motion.
I have just started mixing flax into my diet to see if this helps and someone else says that glutamine is good for help repair the GI tract.
It is a worry for me and my family and I would love to get to the root of this problem so I can start to function again.
Have taken a sensible approach to diet and lifestyle but with no significant improvement.
If anyone has similar experience I would be really grateful to hear any advice you might have - this problem is just driving me crazy. I feel so sick most of the time.
Thanks for reading.
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Be careful with the flax - that generally will cause even looser stools than usual.  Not the direction you want to move in!  :-)

I'm wondering if you may just be producing too much bile and are having bile salt diarrhea similar to what happens to some patients after gallbladder removal.  Some patients have had success using a cholesterol medication called questran.  Also, additional calcium helps some people to firm up their BMs.  I you have kidney stones issues, you can't use calcium though.

Since your doctor thinks it is stress related, did he prescribe antidepressants for you?  The really helped my brother who suffered with a "spastic colon" for many years.  The doc was right - his bowel issues really were stress related.  :-)
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I am going through the exact same thing as you tired_1. I have the same symtoms. Although I don't have as much diarrhea I do have chronic stomach aches. I have been to the Dr. numerous times with an Upper Endoscopy normal and a Gastric Empyting Study, along with blood work, urine tests, and an ultrasound all normal.

Do have them check with your stomach bile, my gallbladder creates too much bile and irritates my stomach lining and doesn't rid the excess, which causes the nausea. I take a perscription drug called Carafate to bind the bile. I am told it takes weeks to work but I feel it does little.

My advice is do NOT give up, make sure your Dr. knows you are done being pushed around and spending money on tests. Demand an answer. It took me over a month before my Dr.'s, specialist and all recommended to do some tests.

Also, if it is stomach bile you have to make sure it is treated soon and if it doesn't get better you can severly damage your stomach lining.

Hope that helps. Post if you find anything new out.
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Thanks for sharing your experiences guys. It's a comfort to know that you can discuss with others - There's a limit to how much you can involve your family without becoming a health bore.

The nausea has eased somewhat but my appetite is still below par and in the early hours I had fairly sharp pain in my just under the centre edge of my left ribcage, my stomach & intestines were gurgling loads too. After 10 minutes I needed to go and there waas a pretty urgent motion with mucus. My pulse was also about 100 for a good 20 mins. My normal resting pulse is usually no more than 72.
My concern is that it may be a problem with my pancreas but the bloods and other scans don't indicate anything untoward.
I guess I'm also stressing because I have a CT scan next week and have to take barium, and also be injected with buscopan and contrast dye ( plus the laxatives again) I have a sensetive system at the best of times but I guess I got put up or shut up.
Any further comment or advice would be much appreciated.
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Ps. The pain continues to nag me today at about  5/10
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I'm sorry you're going through so much.   When you had your stomach scoped, did they do any biopsies of the lining?   What you have almost sounds bacterial.   I say this because you are having many of the symptoms I had before I was diagnosed with moderate H. Pylori.  If you haven't been tested for this, I urge you to do so.  Keep us posted.  
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Hi Northen Light.
Yes they took a sample but I won't hear from the specialist till 19th jan unless anything is found !
I am worried about my pancreas and am told that my forthcoming ct sacn will NOT be looking at that.
I will be seeing my doctor on Monday and I think I will ask for more blood work to check amylase levels etc.
The pain comes and goes and is often referred into my middle left back and also my left upper q is always swollen & tender to some extent.
Of course this could just be my senesetive stomach, but its been so prolonged I'm finding it hard not to worry.
Thx 4 yr comments.

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my gastritis started after 2 yrs of pain killer use(aleve and aspirin) , lost weight , fatigue , anxiety , insomnia are all parts and parcels..body releases lots of stress hormones...laying on my left side reduces nausea and bloating..

gastritis can also cause colitis...the immune system is attacking the gut..sometimes bacterial infection can trigger this reponse..immune system gets confused and dosen't know when to switch off and starts attacking harmless food particles instead like wheat gluten , milk proteins , etc...

I have searched the web extensively and found lots of knowledge.here is what i learnt -

1)Psyllium fiber - many forum members say this helped them with the swelling , product called  COLONIX has it...I tried it myself and it helped but you have to experiment..

2)Aloe helped many , one woman ordered www.aloecure.com and it stopped her colitis attacks...

3)Transfer factor formula to educate the immune system 4TF.COM it is a breakthrough..

4)Avoid food triggers like wheat , milk , caffeine , tomatoes ...drink only mild green tea...

5)Flax oil has omega 6 also which promotes inflamation.Try cod liver oil instead..


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8)http://www.nonprofitpages.com/ccfcsudbury/IBD.htm << WHAT IS IBD

9)http://www.biblelife.org/bowel.htm EXTENSIVE DIET PLAN!!!!! MUST SEE

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10) Chinese herb "canasa" helped one woman cure the pain


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10) Chinese herb "canasa" helped one woman cure the pain


NUX VOMICA 30C pellets helps in gastritis . I am taking it. ORDER FROM WWW.HOMEOPATHYWORKS.COM

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10) Chinese herb "canasa" helped one woman cure the pain


NUX VOMICA 30C pellets helps in gastritis . I am taking it. ORDER FROM WWW.HOMEOPATHYWORKS.COM

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12)http://www.proctitispages.force9.co.uk/ MUST SEE , PERSONAL EXPERIENCE , DIET PLAN
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